Testing Time

I have been thinking about people, things and places that time forgets, ignores or leaves behind untouched. Is it a good thing to be forgotten by time? I am wont to think that it is because when it takes you with it you age, grow old and die. So if time forgets you, you wouldn’t age, grow old and die. Which brings us to the second line of questioning: is it possible to fool time, sneak away and hide in some recess where it has no power. Since it is one of the two main dimensions we exist in would an absence of time also mean an absence of space? Which would mean that you can fool time only if you can fool space. Or become formless, without mass. Just a blip of consciousness. A ghost, sort of. But no, that is not what I am talking about. My concern is to survive time without giving up space. Being alive without succumbing to the tick-tocking of time.

Most laws governing our lives have a few exceptions. Except, we are told, the phenomena of birth and death. Why are these two so inviolable? Think about it folks and tell me your views.


  1. Thanks Mikra, our Ganjings must have been of diff kinds, btw you can enter alien space from just about anywhere, just think you have have a feel for doors!! Thanks for d spammer advice!

  2. nothing is beyond time n space. they say- history is what is recorded, past is that which happened. for a moment it struck me, that those who escaped the tentacles of history,have in their own small way eluded time. but no, they have escaped us,not time. they were created by time, sustained by time n destroyed by it. u c , everything finite unconsciously exists in time. its a seeping energy. ya, merge into that energy, become infinite, then eluding it is possible.

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