In a Soup… Er… Natural Sense

The gods came out of chaos.

A swamp of undifferentiated matter: neither solid nor liquid, neither water nor land.

Leaving their home, the gods were tired. Leaving their home, the gods felt lonely. So they became many. Creating emanations, not womb-born children, but copies of themselves. Each copy containing a bit of the gods.

Then the gods sent out their emanations into the uninhabited world.

The gods being raw and nascent fought a lot. Shedding much god-blood. The god-blood acted as food for the emanations.

Meanwhile, the emanations-both good, bad, noble and ugly-wreaked havoc in the world. Like their originals. Like them, they fought often, giving birth to chaos. The emanations too sent out their emanations; not like themselves but weaker and more confused. They were weakly good. Weakly bad. Weakly noble. Weakly ugly.

And weakly god.

But their chaos was HUGE. It was basic, atomic...nuclear, really. Wound tightly, inside a centrifuging core. Their mighty, nuclear chaos melted the entire world. Turning everything back into a swamp. Of undifferentiated matter: neither solid nor liquid; neither water nor land. A soup, of nothing yet of everything.

A soup containing heads, hands and feet. And thickening blood.

A soup of chaos.

Or the undifferentiated abode of gods.

(A retelling of the Enûma Elish, the Babylonian Bullshit)


  1. hm soup. so how weakly godlike are you and i? and how much of the emanations do we see around us?

    you won't cease to amaze, will you?

  2. Yup, that's where we might end up eventually.

  3. Hey Methinks, I guess our god-likeness varies in its weakness from p to p. As for the emanations, they're all there in a huge box called HUMAN NATURE!

    LeChet, you guessed right as dead chemist ought to.

  4. man, if it weren't for the raw gods and the emanations, the world would have been dull, drab and uneventful...!!!??? God bless them !! ;)

  5. I am glad to hear that from you lemony ;-)

  6. The demons shall reside henceforth! Amen

  7. Double amen to that... it's Kaliyug anyways. U'r name's... er... fascinating!

  8. Despite the demons within .........the name speaks about the wings of an angel

  9. Wow, and where are those wings headed?

  10. Oh nowhere, the angel never learnt how to fly and my guess is the chaotic soup engulfed her as well...but yes, a beautiful song survived.

  11. :) so let's hear the song in human-speak

  12. There was an unspoken melody ......and some silent words.....or was it the other way round!
    Beats me :-(


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