The Looking Glass

The MAZE is a brain.

An analogue.

You have to find your way through it.
Turning often, but walking straight..

With enough practice, the maze begins to make sense.
It begins to coalesce into a straight road.

Like the brain stretching out like a single sheet of tissue,
uncreased and unfolded,

without recesses and dark areas.


  1. Oh Great King

    with enough medicinal herb-one does not have to be too concerned about the maze of the brain. One can enjoy the ride-and roll with it.


  2. Oh Great King

    with the proper medicianl herbs, one does not have to be too concerned about the maze of one's brain. One can, rather, roll with it.


  3. the MAZE and the BRAIN- Similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar.

    To coalesce - to grow together or to fuse - one straight road. But how do we know we are on the right road? My maze seems like a confusing mess of dead ends and meandering halls. It's taking a very long time to make my way.

  4. FRIG me, Dhiraj...I heard you left something at my place-but flip-floppin blogger I cant get into my OWN SITE! ARRGGHH!
    I know your quest involved the medicinal herbage...hahaha

  5. Hiya, thanks for visiting my little universe!

    missy x

  6. have u ever seen those rats they put in a maze ?

    i wonder why they do that, is it to check how smart the rodent is ?
    and who sets the benchmark ?
    humans decide what makes a rat smart.

  7. ~d yeah rolling with it is always a gud idea. That's what I mean by 'with practice'

    M, let not the time it takes to make sense of the maze discourage you. There is sense waiting there, somewhere

    U'r welcome Missy

    Raghav, I think those are mostly behavioral experiments... to see how the animal will react to certain stimuli. So we're not actually setting benchmarks for smartness, just taking some lessons from them rats.

  8. But once you understand it,

    Rotate it, invert it, mirror it.

    What was familiar is now different and changed.

    It must be relearned from a new perspective.

  9. even then, so what ?
    what difference does it make if the rat goes left or right ?
    and what does that prove anyway... when in doubt go right, cos the rat did the same ??!!

  10. Tysen
    You're right. Guess that's what re-invention is all about :)

    Tiny Black Cat
    Perhaps something like what German thinker Rudolf Otto described as "mysterium tremendum et fascinans"... or mysterious, terrifying and fasinating

  11. Rags
    It proves that in the race everybody is a rat

  12. So, should we take ourself out of the race?
    Find pleasure in ....

  13. Oh Great King

    will you be updating before the weekend?
    Or is it already the weekend where you lay your head?


  14. M, the key is not to take ourself out of the race but to NOT run it like a race.

    ~d will early next week :)

  15. Gotcha-Great King...
    enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  16. I think I'm hearing my own advice...slow down, relax, enjoy.

  17. It's called an echo :)

    Meanwhile a strange thing has happened in my part of Blogistan... blogger, typepad and geocities blogs have been BLOCKED... because, we are speculating, the Government thinks blogs are being used for terror activities (read post above). I am writing this thru a proxy server (thank god for them).

    Hope the Government realizes it's error and things are back to normal!

  18. Hope you are smiling. I am.


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