dis·am·big·u·ate (dis'am-big'yoo-at'): To establish a single grammatical or semantic interpretation…

I have been playing with this word ever since I saw it for the first time on wikipedia. And have been wondering whether it is really necessary to 'disambiguate' in order to understand.

I think disambiguation is an oxymoron because a word by definition 'puts into words' an idea or concept or action.

So if a word is not doing its job then it is not quite a word. And if it is not a word, then what is it doing in a sentence? Is it a silent punctuation? Written but not read out. Or maybe, an as-yet-undiscovered part(icle) of speech?

This photo-collage is an attempt at looking from all sides at the semantics of the word: disambiguation.


  1. A form of ambiguous? If it is, then how could it be a single interpretation? Now I have something to ponder.

    Like the photo, but looking at all sides, you need up, down,in, out....

  2. ... the way the collar bones converge... humans might still have a shot at intelligent design

  3. But dis- as a prefix would mean not, so not ambiguous. It would be one single meaning.

    hmmm....more pondering....

  4. But we each associate a meaning. What it means to me may have a very different meaning to you.

    P.S. the new side photo--what are you trying to see? It made me cover the cleavage showing!

  5. not related to the post, but i had a dream about you last night. how fucked up is that? :D

  6. How bout the way the two heads converge, Anki?

    M, trying to figure out your soul size :D

    Wow! Is that your way of keeping in touch, Scout?

  7. No wonder my hand went to my chest to try and cover. It was the hiding of the soul. I don't want anyone to see too closely. I am battling my own demons at this time. I have been fed so many lies about myself that I am having difficulty sorting through the murkiness of my soul. I am not sure what is truth and what is lies about myself anymore. I have chosen a different path to follow than the one I have been trudging for 20 years. I will find my way and, hopefully, find myself along the way.

  8. nah... the heads r emerging... collar bones tak it away!
    M... why fight the demons when u urself chose to crawl along the beaten path... why not just owe up rather then paint ur soul wt reproach

  9. wow... i could just get lost in that collage.. cuz everytime i look at it, a new point of focus emerges! it's specially spaced out in these two places, where the 4 heads converge.. whoosh! trippy!
    and very well juxtaposed to the word.. or it is?


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