Single Vision

what you see is not always worth believing,
and what you don't
is often the unbelievable truth.
This single eye
or the Eye of Horus
I now wear 'round my neck so that
what it sees is also
what comes out of my mouth
as the unbelievable truth
that my two eyes fail to see.


  1. thats an eye ??!!

    man that horus dude must be one ugly freak!

  2. It is a huge necklace. Maybe the eye is a shackle that keeps us weighted down.

  3. it's actually zoomed... but u'r rite about eyes being a shackle...

  4. The eye is a huge weight pulling me into the abyss. My eyes may see but my brain cannot comprehend.

  5. Close your eyes and let the brain see and comprehend on its own.

  6. A few days ago I saw the Eye of Horus tatooed on a ladies' ankle. Now I cannot recall the two words in script under the eye. But it struck me as odd; a coincidence that you should post the Eye of Horus artwork on your blog?

  7. I spotted another Eye of Horus tattooed on an attractive young lady last night. Odd that I should be looking at her arm as she held her ID and flipped her wrist over so that I caught a quick view of the tat. But there it was, the Eye of Horus, looking at me from her wrist.


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