Nine Lives

(Pic: Priyanka V)

Sometimes I feel I have nine lives. One I am living. The other eight are living themselves. Spilling wildly out of my hands like marbles. I have no control over these rolling marbles. They are just rolling out in different directions. Being on wheels in Ladakh was like that. Here I was rolling out on a bike. In a group. But still it felt I was on a roll alone. Alone in the whole wide world. There was just the wind around me. And the road below me. And everything zipping past me like fast-motion film. I could have flown right off the road, off the map, off my web of well-wishers in a second. I could have died. Ended one of my nine lives. But I guess I wasn't curious enough...


  1. And you’ve adapted yourself into a drowsy indifference towards the treacherous tenants…sometimes you look at them and ponder and at times you just gaze out of the window.

    … am just letting my imagination build on the tale of your nine lives :)


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