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A week ago this time we were panic-stricken (though not exactly shitting bricks... dunno why), trying to get a maulvi for our wedding. Sahar was anchoring till six pm and we had told our friends that we'd tie the proverbial knot at 9 pm sharp. But last-minute plans have a way of coming around. We were on time at Parliament Street mosque with our bunch, some dressed in jeans and sneakers, and were duly pronounced man and wife. It was an awesome and simple ceremony and the party after that rocked till 4 am with my new wife driving me home... very drunk and very tired.

The days after that have been like a dream... full of many firsts... like the garland exchange on our balcony... the rafting in Shivpuri.... sharing a tent... Sahar's swimming lesson...

Last night we also took eight rounds of the bonfire (the last one for luck). Today we have a party planned for the boys at the camp....

So in short it's been a great week... will keep you guys posted...
Much love


  1. ek dum bhariya hai... J

  2. congratulations and all that! exactly what i expected from you! i'm really happy for you.

  3. I guess I finally CAN say 'Congrats' publicly.


  4. hey....congrats maharaj....
    may you and sahar have a great life together....


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