A Newer Legion, Thanks to Mr Warhol

and he replied: "My name is Legion... for we are many".
The reference is clearly Biblical... from the story of Jesus where he exorcises a legion... of demons. I find the idea very at home in the multi-colour prints Warhol made of one picture. Photoshop does in minutes what probably took Warhol days to put together. And the colour tones kinda break-up the picture into many 'mood prints'.
The changing colours of so-and-so.
Or so-and-so in different lights.
Many persons making up one person.
Many people hiding in one person.
And he said, 'we are many'. Notice how the second-person singular becomes a 'we' on expression. As does one picture when expressed in different colours. The singular becomes many. A Legion. For we are truly many!


  1. Sounds like biology... something like cell division :)


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