From the Heart

Greetings all you sows and wild bores!

Today is the day of the Heart. Yes, that’s like a funnyism, isin it! And that you’re laughing like dysentery is ample proof. I say, you hafta seize the day. And the hearts, that make it. And yes, make sure you do not drop ’em. Coz dropping ’em would make the market crash. Like everyone’s business. Because everyone’s hearts are there in the market.

Yes, I say, you hafta cherify those hearts. Like the bakers cherify their pastries. Like you Sows cherify your sowishness. And you wild bores cherify your friends.

Yes, my dears, I say we all hafta cherify this life, for whatever it’s worth. For we live but once. Even though it feels like shitloads sometimes. It IS just once. So we all should cherify whatever life throws our way… even those occasional fucks that seem unwanted. Everything is there to be cherified.

So here is Me wishing you all a hearty Heart Day, for whatever it’s worth. And here’s also Me hoping that from this day onwards you all begin to cherify your lifes like no one’s business.

Like people of one heart. And one soul. All living in the warm spaces of the heart like maggots living in the flesh. Yes even if they be maggots, they LIVE. And their cherify their maker who gave them short lifes to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.

I hope you Sows, and you Wild bores feel good towards me and not a bilious anger rising from your bottoms, for I feel only love for all of you.

All you creatures of the heart!


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