I made this today... and I am mighty pleased with it. It is my most satisfying work (so far) also because it is my biggest (6 ft X 4 ft) up until now. I find this work connect with a post that I did some time ago about Silver Fish.
Here's an excerpt: "These land fish spend their entire lives in books. Devouring them. Eating them page by page. As if their life depended on it. Do they like the paper? Or the black ink on it? Or the treasures the pages are rumoured to have? But no one writes for silver fish."


  1. That's a stunning arrow getting into your silver head to burst it in bits!!! But satisfaction does not lie in may make a miniature one day and be most content with that.

  2. And the lord rested on the seventh day? :-P
    This one is quite something (although ankh remains my favorite). The "explosion" at the center is riveting. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what treat you have lined up for us every day. Looks like you're on a roll. Enjoy!


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