The Gridiot

Some days I feel like a grid through which the whole Universe passes like water through a fish net. On these days I feel like I have been there and there and everyfuckingwhere.
I feel like I've seen it all... like I've done it all...
I feel I have nowhere new to go, nothing new to see... or do.


  1. but there is always something new... Places to go, people to meet....

  2. you can't keep confusing me every day, this has got to stop. right now. right here. i am buying this one! or stealing (if it's too expensive).

  3. Whoa! I see a pause approaching. Shrug it off, shrug it off!! You're just getting started...don't go all nirvana-esque on us now, Maharaj! Take a break from the painting, maybe...but don't let the been-there-done-that get to you....

  4. Yea, "been there done that" gets to you too often , am afraid!!! Last i heard u say that was before u started painting and then you suprised all of us, including yourself!! Don't sound so "know-all" so soon. It's least impressive and it sucks!!!


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