Belief as Art

A belief is like a straw floating on water. It is small but real and full of inchoate potential. This stubborn belief is ART. Like the fluent winds that make dunes of sand and sailors of men. Belief is a human thing, unheard of in lower vertebrates or even ‘thinking’ primates.

I took these photographs of photographs that hang at the Roerich House in Naggar. They were taken by Semyon Kirlian and his wife, who in the 1930s gave credence to the idea of auras through their photographs. Auras or these invisible Russian-doll casings that surrounded every thing living were believed to exist by many people down the ages. The Kirlians were the first to show them in photographic reality.
Often a belief has to float over centuries of ridicule and mockery, like a straw, before it is accepted as real. Everyone today knows of Galeleo Galelei or the mystics who saw God not as a remote puller of strings but as a real comforting presence in their quotidian struggles.
Nicholas Roerich was such a mystic who believed in an upward spiral of human evolution. A sort of winding staircase of Babel where everyone, everywhere sought the light trapped within our souls.


  1. It's a nice piece but doesnt suit someone like you who is always ready to ridicule what the prophets beleived in and preached. It would be nice to except them as similar to mystics. But that's too much for a snoot like you. What's the point in writing such works that you yourself half heartedly believe in? Whom are you trying to impress and what are you trying to impress?


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