Message Bird

The other day I had a dream… I was spending time with my folks, we were at an unfamiliar but friendly upstairs place, chatting, eating and generally catching up when I suddenly feel this weight on my shoulder. I know it’s a bird because I can also feel the wind from its flapping wings. I bend my shoulder to have a better look at the bird. It’s a pigeon. A white pigeon and it is holding on to my back. I get this sense that this is some kind of message-bird so I bend and turn around in a way that its perch between my shoulder blades is given a shake. The bird loses its grip on my back and lands on my forearm. Now I can see it fully. It is a white pigeon but with the head of a man. Funny thing is that am more surprised at having caught a pigeon than the kind of pigeon I've caught. The head is skinny and roundish, stubbled and with a receding hairline. It is a face I've never seen before. This man-bird has on his face the look kids sometimes have before wailing out aloud. I try to comfort this creature but he doesn't seem to be in a hurry to start wailing. I get a sense that he has chosen me for some kind of a silent benediction… And then I wake up… feeling a bit strange, a bit sad… wondering what message this bird has brought me. Wondering if the bird itself was the message?


  1. the masthead looks like a quantum burst...nice!

  2. spooky shit!! i had the same dream after reading this!! i was an onlooker.

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