My Favourites: India Art Summit, 2009

Pix: Sahar Z

Artist: George K.

Artist: Princess Pea

Artist: Chitra Ganesh

Artist: Dhiraj Singh

Artist: El Anatsui

Artist: Anish Kapoor

Artist: Subodh Gupta

Artist: Ved Gutpa

Because, I think...
"(T)he new century has been seeing an expansion of ideas about art. Purists are beginning to see the avant-gardist’s desire to break free from the shackles of medium and message. Notions about art and authorship, originality and function, concept and technique are being questioned..."


  1. wow, I really missed seeing this na

  2. wow cool work with gr8 art work ......It's celebration of of " Time "

  3. thnx Sat... celebration of 'Time'... yeah but then I guess everything is...

    next time, Manica, next time :D

  4. wow, i love the quote in the bottom...whose is it? and dhiraj singh's work really stands out ;-p

  5. That quote is by yours truly :) and if you click on it you'll go to the original piece it's a part of...

    THANX and thnx anon!!

  6. brain installation is phenomenal

    someday descending wolves and head on will reach our galleries too

    great work nevertheless

  7. u mean the Chinese artist kai??
    yeah those wolves are amazing

  8. really like Princess Pea,does any one know what's her background is?who is she?
    i would like to meet her.


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