'Master O' Review

I finished reading this book and its mind blowing! Ake is excited to interview the person who changed his life, the person whose words matter the most to him, he is all set to interview Master O. Who is master O? What is his journey about? Strange events took place in the interview and after the interview! What and why? There were many questions and curiosity to know what will happen next!

Master O by Dhiraj Singh is a story with layers of themes. As the subtitle says ‘an epic of the future ‘, it’s a story full of mystery and adventures.

As the interview between Master O and Ake started, unusual events started taking place hinting to readers about the mystery that is about to unfold.

The story starts well with a great conversation and picks up really well after a few chapters. The way events were taking place will stun you and make you curious about what’s next. The author creates such situations for the readers that will make us question too.

With an outstanding plot, it’s a story with many twists. The story gets a little complicated as it proceeds and needs your utmost attention. The shifting plots and sudden introduction of new characters make it a bit difficult to connect the dots.

With each chapter, the story gets more intense and interesting. It’s a fast-paced story with a crisp descriptive narrative. While Dhiraj focuses on the journey and adventures of Master O, he even shares the story of other characters which makes it more intriguing. Yes, each charge adds a twist to the story, and the way Dhiraj portrays their journey is impressive. I loved Lovely Bagga and Sashimi’s characters the most. Their strong personalities and the way they analyzed situations stayed with me for a long time.

The writing style of the author is engrossing and to the point. One could connect to the situations well. Those who love sci-fi and are tech-savvy will enjoy this book. It’s a bit heavy read and a roller-coaster ride.

While the author tells about how Karma plays its role and how we are here to fulfil our duty he tells about the war between the Elephants and Humans! Yes, you read it right!

With each chapter, the puzzle gets solved along with unexpected twists. The climax was unpredictable and will amaze you. It’s a fascinating story that you must not miss especially if you love reading something different and intense. A mind-blowing read with layers of themes.

—Vidhya Thakkar
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