An Award Nomination for 'MASTER O'

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Salis Mania Choice Awards 2023 Nominee
Dhiraj Singh is an accomplished artist, writer, columnist, translator and media professional. He is the author of a brilliant new novel 'MASTER O'.
Set sometime in the future 'Master O' explores some very deep and meaningful questions about human existence in the context of technology that almost feels magical.

Dhiraj is also the translator of 'I Like To Wash My face With Sea Water' which is a collection of translated poems. He has written a biography of India's first woman art-gallerist, Uma Jain.

He has an arts column "Art Is Everywhere" on NDTV-Mojarto. He has written short stories that have been published in 'The Little Magazine' and 'The Punch Magazine'.

He has translated into English Asghar Wajahat’s much-celebrated Hindi play about the Partition of India called 'Jisne Lahore Nai Dekhya, O Janmya Nai' (‘Unborn in Lahore’).

His unique 'X-ray art' has shown at prestigious events such as 'India Art Fair', 'Kindness/Udarta. Australia-India Cultural Exchange show' and 'Venice Architecture Biennale'.
His abstract paintings have also shown at many exhibitions worldwide and are part of many international collections.

Master O by Dhiraj Singh


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