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The Buddha says everything is nothing. And that the true nature of everything is nothing.

To most people this is the most devastating piece of news. How can WE be nothing? How can the magic, the sanctity, the pleasures and pains of life amount to nothing? We are so much in awe of this life… it’s sheer ingenuity.

That’s why the Buddha’s message is so devastating. It’s like having a mushroom cloud explode inside our heads.

And this is where that I have my two-bit to offer.

In a galactic sense, our planet would look something like a cell whose nucleus is the sun. Or an atom whose nucleus is the sun. A lot happens inside these hidden cells and atoms, but to the un-aided eye, there is no cell, no atom simply because they are not visible. They have activity and purpose but in the larger scheme of things their individuality amounts to nothing.

In the galactic sense our solar system is the equivalent of a cell, an atom. Imagine this vast limitless space where our planet is but a cell part. And we men, women, creatures, plants, buildings, planes, mountains, oceans are all parts of this part.

Like a cell part or atomic particle we too have a specific purpose and function. But we spend most of lives living down this purpose and function.

The Buddha says don’t get caught up in these minor cellular and atomic issues because there’s a larger, higher body to consider. A body that from our cellular/atomic perspective seems vague and unimaginable.

What is this vast body made of? And why should we care about it?

It’s actually made up of nothing. Space is nothing.

Space is also indestructible because of its lack substance. Yet it contains everything. And everything contains it.

So when the Buddha says everything is nothing, he actually means, everything is SPACE.

Even the great JC said something to that effect. Space DOES set you free.


  1. Dear Sam,
    The nothingness I was talking about is a matter of perspective, not of reality, as we know it. Of course I will bleed on being punched in the nose. The possibility of being crushed under an 18-wheeler is also very 'real'. And so is rape, murder and all the other stuff you mentioned. But as we all know there is also this very real thing called DEATH. I'd go as far as saying that death IS the only reality. Because on its coming all reality ceases. Now when our reality is mortal how can we be sure of anything else. Eternal life, heaven and hell are good concepts but do we REALLY know them as we know our realities?
    What I am saying is that in the time and space continuum OUR realities are really microscopic and therefore are only worthy of limited attention.
    I in all humility was merely suggesting that we concentrate our energies on things that are of a lasting import. Things like the creator and the immensity of his wisdom.
    Also remember that our sense of JUSTICE is also very limited and warped. When we talk justice we talk retribution, a poor setting right in a worst case scenario. That is why our terriblest fear is the fear of judgement day, when the accumulated justice of lives and ages is meted out. Why do we fear it? Because we know that in our miserable understanding of cosmic justice we are sure to have messed up somewhere. Is grace and forgiveness enough, we wonder? Is our conscience enough to show the way? Is our conscience God's microchip implant inside us? Why then do we mess up so often?
    Natural justice like its mother, Nature, is red in tooth and claw. If everything is law-governed where then is our free will.
    Our free will works when we break the natural law of cause and effect. When we accept the justice of showing the other cheek. The justice of the giving the cloth-robber our cloak as well, of loving our enemies.
    When you accept this basic nothingness of life you also ironically realise its immense worth and beauty.


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