End of Summer

The grey cement floor was turning black as the herd of blue-black elephants above fell prey to nature. They landed on the cement floor in tiny drops of blood.

Slowly, at first, then in rapid showers.

Soon the mammoths' dark blood was all over the floor..

The drops landed on the parched floor with the quickness of an anaphylactic shock.

Soon the grey floor was all black. The blue-black creatures were being slaughtered by swords of slithering light and great noise.

There was elephant blood all over the floor. On every house, tree, car and animal.

Soon our whole world was bathed in blue-black elephant blood.

We had all been eagerly waiting for this yearly massacre.


  1. ..there he stands, his forehead drenched in blood. He closes his eyes, murmers a few words.
    The sword shines with greater joy, acknowledging his thanks...

    loved it...

  2. Or this could be a flashback to what effing Katrina did to New Orleans only with water and not blood.
    I linked you, dude. Hope thats cool. I love what you say. I love HOW you say it...and if someone is so inclined to see WHO I LIKE-I want them to FIND you.
    Peace, Great King.

  3. just goes to show that there is always a way to pervert something beautiful !
    liked it very much !!

  4. i am sorry just read this peace, opened on a comp in a cafe.. thot u were talking about jamun.. or am i wrong

  5. Each of us has blood on our hands...

  6. Each of us has blood on our hands...

  7. well said. Very well said, indeed!

  8. Very dark clostraphobic almost, will look forward to your travel stories

  9. Scout, :-AAAAaaaaaargh

    Thank u ru

    Sue, yeah guess it is... will work on it

  10. love the scent of blood

  11. Anon, I hope u feasted your nostrils on this one :)


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