Invisible Wheels

The wheels of civilisation now wear steel radials.

They are now faster. Tougher. And last longer.

But the game of power and dominion is soft. It works on subtleties. Suggestion mostly.

Suggestion disguised as information. Help. Love. Peace. And Freedom.

These are welcomely accepted, by all… doubly so when they are free and desperately-anticipated.

WITH the toughness of steel and soft strength of rubber, the new civilisation moves.

Freely, providing information. And Help. Love. Peace. And Freedom. To people. Turning them into obsessive finger-fuckers, of the remote and keyboard, in ways not imagined 20 years ago.

The wheels of civilisation now run on electronic gears. A new, improved and speeded-up civilisation, that requires neither arms nor ammunition.

The wheels of civilisation face no resistance. In a world that is shrinking. Getting smaller. And flatter. And more tightly wired.

An average person, on an average day can know things nextdoors, at places 5000 kilometres east and west of his own and on the moon without stepping out of his house even once.

The wheels move on 'seeing cables' or optic fibres.

They are not heard at the door but they drive into the mind directly. Subtly. Like a fever.

Then they get people talking. Wildly. And thinking. Wildly. Nonstop. Like a fever.

The steel radials brake better.

The old game of power and dominion is now played differently. It's now softer and subtler. Full of cunning.

Full of Division.

The division is bloodless. And the rule, without a sceptre.

Through technology-enabled fear. And rumour.

In such a reality the enemy cannot die.


A rumourified city has to have its bad guys.

The enemy cannot die. Even if it has to be on life support for life. Even if it is NOT the enemy.

‘So what if they didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, they might get them in the future… from us!’

Prevention tops cure. It’s more fun too.

‘So, let’s go and smoke ’em out of their foxholes wherever they may be.’

‘And let’s do it fast.’

‘Before they 9/11 us again.’

Although, five years later we still don’t know if Osama is a real person? Or if Saddam, was a real threat. Or if the Axis of Evil is really evil?


  1. When Mother Teresa received her Nobel Peace Prize, she was asked, "What can we do to promote world peace?" She replied, "Go home and love your family."

    "Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart." Proverbs 3:3 (NIV)

  2. we have never been farther away from the notion of "civilsed world" if infact we were ever there

  3. Blessed words those M! But not always the easiest to do...

    Yeah wicked comes close, Blow.

    Always count on me to provide that :) Tiny Black Cat

    Aripi, I think notionally we've never been in doubt of being civilised, but the gound reality is/has always been another story.

  4. Err....I m not part of any of the "civilisations" that Georgie n Tony want me to believe in...i like my uncivilised self :-)

  5. looks like bloggers eaten my last comment-typical-and as you say most of what we believe we depend upon here say-we can't look into the minds of others and we can't judge them without doing so

  6. That's the spirit Aripi!~!

    Sue, it's artful hearsay, maybe like what Goebbels was doing for his Fuehrer.

  7. you fit n connect centuries together as a simple circle of life!! Awsome!


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