One Word

In one word
the world is FLAT
In one world
the word is flat
In one flat
the world is broken
down and laid out
in the drawing room
as mantel pieces.
In one piece
the drawing room
is a mirror of
those that draw
from it.
In one draw
of breath the mirror
is misted and confused.
In one confusion
everything is found.

--Written today in one go as an ode to 1.


  1. In one find, all of life starts making sense.
    In one life, all emotions fade away for that one moment.
    In one moment is held that one treasure....

  2. I hope there's a sequel: Ode to 2 :)

    How's life been treating you, Dhiraj?

  3. haha... what a nice play of words! made my morning.

  4. :D .. I am grinning like a cow.. Awesome..

  5. you make it worth coming back. totally...

  6. In a moment, one can forever touch the soul of another. As the sun sets on the day, the mist rises from the pond, the sky turns a purple richly colored as the Great King - one moment clearly seen.


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