The Meeting Place

a.k.a. Club 144, Lounge 144, 144, Club Nine, Club of Niners, Where Else? and the house of our remote control-freak friend Sanjoganand Shastri, in more peaceful times...

This is where we meet to dwell upon the world and its problems while tapping foot to African Experience on VH1's Internet radio and drinking a 22-year old sake straight from the bottle over glasses broken by the force of arguments alone with friends from Barcelona, Tehran, Tel Aviv and a remote village in Chad as the college kids outside dance to the music of a film called Dhoom and Bitti in the other room chants Om Namo Ringye for world peace.


  1. Worried that I might be able to see in?

  2. been utilising ur time well i see

  3. There is immense 'barqat' in 144 and it's headed by an incredibly beautiful Reclining Buddha!!! And i can say it's also ideal for lazy bums like u cos it seems all pics except the last one are taken by sitting at one spot!!!

  4. the pink wall is supreme! heh..
    scrolling down the pics is mindboggling, somehow.


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