Born Again

There was a time when TVs were kept in the drawing room... now they have moved to the bedroom and other private spaces.

These three I found sitting outside a repair shop... I just liked the way the three are framed with the vinyl ad in the background... and the broken screen and the misspelt 'Service' in Devanagri on TV number three.

This repair shop is in Lucknow, otherwise referred to as Brotherpur in this blog.


  1. In the US, small tvs like this are quite inexpensive. Repair shops are difficult to find. These would be set out for garbage collection, and you would run down to the nearest Wal-Mart to get another one. Who knows what room it would be for - maybe the kitchen, or the five-year-olds bedroom, or the garage.

  2. Umm that was my whole point... some years ago there wud be takers for even non-working TVs like these... someone wud've taken them for the spares... but now a new one is a lot more cheaper


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