Tree of Life

One more from the Khajjiar trip! This tree I found on the way back, staring into some distant past or future. Like the Eye of Horus: fixated, hungry and unblinking. A scar that has cried buckets of tree sap; now dry-eyed, un-sad and un-hopeful of ever pulling out of its hat a branch, like a magician. Yet it is not unknown to magic. Change. Transformation. Autumn. Spring. Flowers. Fruit. Birds. Bees. Monkeys. Snakes. Life.
Mostly because it can see. All the time.


  1. the tree is fascinating... khajjar sounds like a magical place..

  2. Mystifying that you were drawn to the "looking" tree, when you have such a fear of being seen. Why are we drawn to what we fear the most? You tell us so much of you in your writings - not your superficial and surface self but the inner man. I'm drawn every day to your blog wanting, desiring, to learn more.

    What made me laugh was the title as I read the post. Remember, I am American! The Tree of Life is a grand tree in Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It is a huge tree carved with many animals, and you walk a curved path in and among the base catching a glimpse of the beutiful creatures through the leaves and branches.

  3. Good versus evil?
    The scales of justice?

    We often "see" without our eyes.


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