August Break

leh, 30th august 2007

We have just returned from Pangong Tso. It's a lake big enough to be a sea. This is on the Indo-China border. Biking beside it is like flying on wheels, whatever that means. You can see the sky reflected on the lake. And clouds hanging on it like shaving foam. The sky below you shivers like mercury every time the wind blows, which is always. Pangong Tso is about 165 km long. Dry moon sand beaches come to drink from its blue.

It's an experience!

Riding right into the crosshairs of Indian Army guns and Chinese border intelligence binoculars is another.

Will write more after coming back to Delhi :)


  1. It is said its crystal clear water plays with sunlight to display bands of blue, green, purple, violet, orange and red on the surface, like a rainbow.
    The lake is a canvas painted in the different colors of nature.

  2. Wonder when I’ll be able to articulate what I feel …some experience it was!

  3. wonder what's it like to be in this shangri-la

    envious beyond words

  4. What can i say just a word cn explan everythin AWSUM..........

  5. wounderful exprience......(rinku)


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