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The mind is sea green.
Dark. Mysterious. And full of secrets.
There’s submergence.
The green gets darker at the bottom.
With sand and sea moss.

The mind is full of memories.
Some from a very, very long ago past. 
Some from other lifetimes.
The mind has seen many ships.
Some that lost their cargo.
The mind is full of sand and moss covered secrets.

Some people are divers.
They dive deep into the mind
And find memories that they have no memory of.
Was that me? Did I really do those things?
And then the divers wonder…

Maybe I have always been just one.
A huge mind.

Dhiraj Singh © 2007


  1. quite unlike something you would write

  2. made so much sense to me.. maybe it's just the hash in my blood streams right now.

  3. Can relate...thoroughly

    My mind is all shades one can see in Pangong Tso


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