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My blog has for a long time been whispering to me to do something DIFFERENT with it... I on the other hand have been ignoring that whisper. Perhaps because I felt un-ready for anything more strenuous that the striking of fingers on a keyboard.
Perhaps, the time was not right.

Today, after spending about three months with my aloneness, on the banks of the Ganga, I have come to the realisation that a lot of what I feel, and as a result write about, can be shared with people face to face surrounded by the sights and sounds of a particular place. It could be a place of popular interest. It could be an obscure pilgrimage. Or even a village fair. But what these places will have in common will be a 'calling', a special energy.

Since you all have showered me with your attention and time, I would like to invite you all to the BODHI's HOP, a journey that will take you places, not in the touristy sense of the phrase but in the mystical sense of complete immersion. Both in your Self and the place.

Even as I write this I am not sure how exactly this will unfold but I promise you that whatever form the journey takes it will never get boring...
With me, leading the HOP, will be my friend Keshav, whom I have known for a long time and who carries with him a vast experience of LIFE and readings of a very esoteric nature.

Together we hope to show you a new way around the world.
Out first HOP will happen in the first week of January with a maximum of 20 people.
So hurry and send your requests to the ID above…


  1. yes am all set to hop...HOP and HOP.....

  2. u married now? i quite like ur new blog... n ur always doin things wich i so wish to do... feels nice to read at least!

  3. I wish you luck for the HOP… however feel compelled to suggest to you, in your present phase of life (your wife is very pretty), to use appropriate combination of heart and mind…

    It’s not about just YOU…. with 20 on the HOP in January, it is no longer about YOU in terms of comprehending & experiencing… Commercials are as important and it’s not just about YOU… and lastly… Safely is important, and it no longer about YOU… anymore…

    Good luck !!!!

  4. I'm sorry if I'm being ignorant, but wot is the HOP all about?

  5. yes what is the HOP all about? and some details please...

  6. We are starting with Rishikesh and the trip will include living in tents, rafting, meditation, treks and a whole lot of talking by us...

  7. this is a great idea....yes I am game.....just let me know what the temperature is out there so that I can tell my friends.....

  8. "commercials are as important"... Sometimes spiritual trips are more enticingly presented than the manndarins of the ad world....good business sense


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