99 cm X 56 cm
acrylic on canvas

According to Carl Sagan 'pareidolia' was a survival technique that human beings used to detect anthropomorphic life-forms wherever and whenever they felt threatened or alone. He believed that they were in fact hard-wired to join random and unlikely dots to see faces, limbs etc. An exaggerated or distorted likeness of themselves! In times of trouble and despair these imagined beings became gods or protective deities. And in good times they became wrathful deities who needed regular appeasement.


  1. I can see eyes and lips...

  2. humph, very smart!! so now you suggest that your pareidolias - which what you prefer to call your abstracts - look like wrathful deities!!! Puh-leeaze!! Spare us that ugly wrath. And eyes n nose are very easy to spot anywhere!! Stop trying so hard.... ;-p

  3. Many thanks Steve :D

    n that piece is brilliant!!
    Beaufort sums up ur art beautifully as he does the contemporary art scene!!

    Too mucking fuch!!


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