Love is an Inflatable Duck

acrylic, soft pastel, band-aid, film roll, printed paper, glue, marker pen on paper
65 cm X 65 cm


  1. its like a time bomb disguised in a cute soft toy

  2. Seems like love is more of a commotion.. Inflatable means ready to explode???? i would agree with you on tht...

    Haiku poetry

  3. Love is an inflatable dick. Because
    it cant be done easily by the Hindus, they have to resort to the BJP to get it up for them.Why do u think they attack women? Stop being a Hindu and become a man,a human being. U can then let your dick free, like a dickie bird, fly high into the d band of brothers. Thats me in the spot, losing my religion.
    Arup Sinha Roy


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