Night Vision

The sky is black,
the stars shine silver,
the birds are sleeping in their nests.
The moon casts shadows,
wild beasts go hunting;
but people lie asleep and unaware
of the peace, the stillness,
and the beauty of the night!

I wrote this poem called 'NIGHT' for my school mag when I was in 'Class III-B'... about 7 years old... :)


  1. Wat a loss of that night, bro - it aint comin back! I remember the night when Armstrong took that leap onto the frickin moon, I stared hoping to see the bugger. I was staying at Dhaula Kuan Officers Enclave,my dad was an army officer and we were little buggers ,pretty precocious - already waiting to spring from the shadows with our hard-ons,which,incidently were only a handshake away! If u weren`t laid by class 5, u were an outcast. And since i lost it in class 7, I wrote my first poem in class 6, which went - " Gazing into nothingness / lost to the world am I / Returning to the past in my thoughts / something bitter lingers in my mind / . Nothing has changed : when u aint gettiing it regularly - shairi aah hi jaati hain !

  2. O*M*G!!!! Bachpan se.......

  3. bhaiji aap to bus ap hi hain ab aap se kya kehna

  4. Shamsher Singh BahadurJune 27, 2009 at 11:29 PM

    Amazing! an artist by birth. You have captured it perfectly. It is only nocturnal's who'll understand its' depth.


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