Fierce Creature 6

91 cm X 104 cm
acrylic on canvas


  1. Keep zoomin` in and it looks like wat it wud look like while. takin` a dive down from Eiffel Tower
    This is one parachute glide wudnt want 2 miss, especially with a miss.
    D silk of d chute gently chiding u down and d miss frantically takin` u up.
    Binary positions, Guv`nor - dats how d world`s run
    0 and 1. Good and Bad. Black and white -
    Very Monroe-ish, this painting
    Or wat a sleazeball might add : Very Monica-ish, giving head 2 d head of d biggest democracy on d planet.
    Dats how US of A is run.
    Our man here does a much better job with his painting.
    D creature has landed.

  2. great imagery my friend!!
    u make the binary 0 n 1 seem like sex symbols... full of penetrative potential :)

  3. Dats one way of looking at it - and one way of doin` it!


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