Fierce Creature 4

86 cm X 170 cm
acrylic on canvas


  1. rocking horse people eat marshmellow pie...the girl with kaliedescope eyes...but this rocking horse is spliced up into pieces...violence!

  2. I don't think they're about violence so much as they're about 'deconstructing'... form through colour to suggest movement, a sort of fleeing from and arriving at the ‘enclosed’ space of the canvas. My 'Fierce Creatures' are inspired by the myths of the ancient world where form and function took the shape of sometimes exquisitely impossible beings for example Vishnu’s Narasimha avatar, a composite being (neither fully man nor animal nor machine but all three) who came into existence to destroy Hiranyakashipu who had been granted the boon of never being killed by a weapon or a man or an animal.

  3. Interesting idea...doesn't come across that way on canvas though! This one is very violent to me...but then that's only my opinion! Check with others if your intent come across on paper : )

  4. ur opinion's cool n unique....
    the way it is :)... I loike wot u see


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