Fierce Creature 9

132 cm X 173 cm
acrylic on canvas


  1. wot is this dude!!!!!

  2. Aapka Aztec...ya k-inka?!!!

  3. This is surely d king of d 10 parts.
    He reposes in his deca-dom, all geared up in those elements of red, brown and blue, all clinically streamlined,
    waiting to erupt.
    Like Battleship, Potemkin -

    To take flight, like d bone in 2000 Space Odyssey, with d incredible thrust of Dus ka dum -
    A deca-drive into d yonis of despair, to liberate all
    dat is pent up.

    A come-together, right now!

    Like a gray beard,
    balding into late 30s, to a dream flower,
    share my soul after six,
    she blooms beaming deep into a daddy to love -

    Space can`t be d last frontier,
    at least, not for this creature -

  4. No nightmares n no women in d night`s sojourn /
    No honky-tonky woman, no cry! /
    `Twas a sweet surrender to d Guitar Man /
    Riffin` and slidin` with d Slow Hand /
    `Twas a tragedy, Allman didn`t land up /
    Like Dean, he simply crashed and blew out /
    Like a candle in d wind /

    G M, fierce friend -"

  5. looks much fiercer in this axis!!


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