Kali & Kindness

I have called this work 'Kali' and it's made of X-ray sheets, plastic feeding bottle and LED lights (Dimensions: 8 inches X 10 inches X 3 inches). Kali is inspired by my visit to some Aborigine sacred sites around Sydney. The Aboriginal culture to me seems highly evolved and sophisticated as it had learned to see (and comprehend) the 'deep structure' of our existence on earth... and had in its own unique way tried to answer questions of birth, life, death and the beyond. To me this very closely relates to our own Tantric (left-hand path) version of life, death and liberation or rebirth. Why I've called this work Kali is because it represents a loving, nurturing aspect of the goddess who is mostly represented as dark, vengeful and bloody. The bottle analogy came into play after the birth my son, Kazuo, who was very kind to lend me one of his bottles for the work.

These are pictures of the Australia India Cultural Exchange show that opened in Delhi yesterday. The show was titled 'KINDNESS: UDARTAA' and it showed the works of over 100 artists, writers and musicians.


  1. very impressed...

  2. Your work is stunning Dhiraj and outshines us all!!

  3. Oh many thanx Rog... We missed you at the opening, you'd have outshone everyone if you were there!

  4. hey --thats why i am missing a feed!--have been told its high time i started on solids--kazuo imad.


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