Artist At Work | Dhiraj Singh

This video and the description below is from a Hindustan Times online story called 'ARTIST AT WORK' that came out today. Must say it's a great start to the New Year :) 
"“I was a sickly child who made a lot of trips to the hospital. The image of X-rays stayed with me”. Dhiraj Singh is a full-time journalist and a self-taught abstract artist. His X-rays installations redefine the concept of art, delving deeper into realms of ‘inner life’ evoking various aspects of humanity. Dhiraj makes installations using X-rays of body parts and machine parts. In his words, Dhiraj was always curious to know what’s going inside the heads of people; how people feel and act in a certain way. His installations capture the interior picture of a person or a machine and explore their interior journey."


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