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"Master O by Dhiraj Singh is an optimistic and creative look into the future, and it is full of profound issues about right and wrong that will keep readers pondering long after they have finished the book. In this sci-fi thriller, Dhiraj Singh takes readers on an epic journey into the future. He stems from an idea that is at the same time thought-provoking, insane, and very tangible. That is probably the reason why the story is so scary.

The story is about the arrogance of people trying to copy God by creating a life with the assistance of technology. This is a really interesting topic. The end effect is always catastrophic and fatal in nature. The foundation of author Dhiraj Singh’s first approach to this subject matter is the concept of vivisectional studies being conducted on animals at a remote location. It took several tests until a fully developed and entirely unique species came to be known as the Ibhari, which was named after the Sanskrit word for elephant (‘Ibh’). I-42 was the first member of the mutant species to be discovered. He was the culmination of the efforts of a team of researchers who aspired to create something that had previously only been dreamt of but was never believed to be achievable.

The events of the novel take place at some point in the distant future, where a whole new species of elephant has deciphered the secrets of time. They now have the ability to modify reality as well as affect people’s perceptions of the world around them. One of these elephants, I-42, is now under the impression that he is the Vajradhara, Buddha of the Thunderbolt, and that he has the power to drive forth significant shifts in the way the world operates. Starting with the most powerful individuals in the country, such as the prime minister and a top TV host, Vajradhara exploits his powers to bring change at the highest levels. One of his targets is Master O, a well-known godman who is followed by millions of people in every region of the world. Master O had several capabilities. One of them was the ability to carry on conversations with other individuals inside their minds.

The novel Master O by Dhiraj Singh raises serious questions regarding the future of mankind and our place in the universe. Pain and cruelty, moral responsibility, human identity, and human interference with nature are relevant subjects in today’s time. The book explores a variety of themes, the most prominent of which are the ethics of animal experimentation and the infliction of pain on test subjects. However, it also discusses the cross processes of evolution and degeneration, the character of the human who would play God, in addition to the deplorable artificial lives that he “creates.”

The plot is very captivating and easy to follow, but still has lots of mystery. There are amazing moments in the book that make you really think and moments that stick with you like one of your own memories. The underlying message is that we must be aware of the repercussions of our scientific endeavors. To have any hope for the future, we need to use our technologies in a responsible manner. It is interesting to note that Dhiraj Singh chooses to wrap up his tale with the idea of hope, not because there is any justification for it, but rather because it is impossible to survive without it. This finishes the cycle of Pandora’s box, which was opened out of curiosity, releasing all of the world’s terrors yet allowing humanity to suffer its destiny."

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