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Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you- Leonardo DiCaprio. Master O by Dhiraj Singh

There is a storm brewing. A shift in the balance of power if you will. It seems that Ake is beside himself in anticipation and excitement. The top rated show host is about to interview his hero. None other than the renowned Master O. Who is this Master O? He is know worldwide by millions, yet not very well known at all. He has powers and abilities greater than can be imagined, yet he still sleeps and has nightmares. Is he a god or simply a man?

During Ake's interview with Master O, he allows listeners to call into the show. One such caller drops a bombshell of trepidation. The Ibharis, led by one who thinks of himself as Buddha Vajradhara, want to speak with the Prime Minister. They have demands and will not accept "No," for an answer. And of course they want none other than the illustrious Master O to be their intermediator.

Just who or what are the Ibhari? They are a new species of elephants that have learned all the secrets of time. Vajradhara believes himself to be destined to bring about massive changes in the world. After this mind altering interview things begin to topple like dominos. Ake is abducted and herds of elephants rise up and revolt. Where are people to turn in this moment of crisis? Can the Ibharis even be trusted?

Reading Master O by Dhiraj Singh was like taking an intellectual journey through the very fabric of karma itself. I felt like by the end I had come back full circle to the beginning. Only now I see everything much clearer. I particularly enjoyed the similes and other descriptors utilized by the author. Such as when he describes a situation as likened to when a mixture of grief and anger hangs in the air like acid smog. Or he states that Master O has sorrow-sucking laughter. I thought about what that would sound like for a long time. I even appreciated the description of Master O as a man who can really look inside a person and see the secrets that they keep (scary).

I give Master O by Dhiraj Singh 5 out of 5 stars. Warning this book contains mild graphic content.

"Chaos is a precursor to awakening." What will the world see after the Ibharis open its eyes?

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