"Book Writing is Like Childbirth": Magazine Article


Author, journalist, artist and Director of MIT World Peace University’s School of Media & Communication compared the writing of a book to childbirth. “It is really a scary feeling as you do not know how it will turn out to be.”

Dhiraj was speaking at the 3rd Deccan Literature Festival in Pune on November 26 and 27. He was at DLF to talk about his new book, MASTER O, which is a rare Indian sci-fi novel that takes in its vast sweep all things that make India tick—godmen, politics and karma.Dhiraj Singh with Shobha De

But it comes with a delicious twist where the underdog is actually an elephant and that too, one created in a lab and who has such immense superpowers that can mess with the very technology and AI that have given men the levers of power.

Talking about his book Dhiraj said “ When I decided to write I did not start with a goal of writing a scifi political thriller. But when I started writing it took its own form. The way the book progressed it was fascinating for me because as an artist the most important phase in your life is when you are creating.

He said “ as an author you are transformed by your work, your process also by the reception you get from the readers who read your book. Till your book goes into the hands of your readers you don’t know how it will get reception and it is a scary feeling as you don’t know how they are going to react to it. It is like a childbirth.

Dhiraj Singh’s advice to young writers was to focus on the story and not worry about the genre as very often the story itself determines its genre. He was speaking at the 3rd Deccan Literature Festival in Pune on November 26 and 27.

Dhiraj who has made Pune his home since the past few months was all praise for the 2-day lit-fest and the love and affection Punekars showered on writers, artists and creators.

The tri-lingual literary festival organized by Dakani Adab Foundation’ included poetry recitals, theatre acts, open mic sessions, musical performances, and book readings.


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