I met Anger
at the bus stop
he was there
hot fumes
of black tobacco
from the
radioactive fields
and boiling-blood

On the bus
Anger gripped
a steel pipe
and gave the bus
a solid shake
then he kicked a man
in the balls
spat on a woman’s face
snatched a ragdoll
from a baby’s hands
and pulled hair
off the driver’s head.

At the next stop
when Anger got off
the steel pipe gave
the bus a solid shake
the kicked man
punched his neighbour
the spit-face woman
pulled her daughter’s plait
the ragdoll baby
bit his mother’s hand
and the driver ran over
a man on a scooter.

At another stop
I met anger again
waiting for
another bus ride,
another shake
of silent steel
some more balls
to kick
faces to spit
ragdolls to snatch
hair to pull
and to make
the world
fighting fit.


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