Electric Monument

"Crunt problem," says Ramsaran as he removes his green plastic tester from the plug point. It's a lone, derelict three-pin socket that has been discovered just a few days ago. Its plastic body is cracked and discoloured, from white to grey. Some former tenant has tried, unsuccessfully, to seal its three holes with a putty-like substance. Perhaps in an act of vengeance. Sealing off a non-performing plug point. Perhaps this plug point was not meant to be used. An accidental plug point, first made and then on hindsight unmade. Erased, badly but with potent intent. It's crunt problem is in fact a problem of transmission. Power doesn't reach it. It's been cut off from the larger circuitry of the house. By design or accident I don't know.

Ramsaran suggests getting a new covering. Maybe then it will work. The alternative to that is to go to the root of the problem. Find exactly where the "crunt" has stopped flowing. But replacement seems like an excess. Maybe this hole in the wall has a larger purpose, I try to tell Ramsaran. Ramsaran is silenced by disbelief and the sudden discovery of what's unarguably extreme stupidity. "O-K. This remain no-crunt hole!" he says throwing up his hands. I say, "Yes, no-crunt hole" and smile a smile of gratitude. Ramsaran can't see the humour in it. "Any other problem?" he asks. I say, "No". He says, "O-K" and heads towards the door.

At the door, he suddenly turns around to face me. "Who is ill-tishun?" he asks. I have an inkling where this might be leading. "You, of course... but I was..." Ramsaran cuts me short. "No problem. Me just checking." With that Ramsaran raises his right hand to his temple in a pidgin salaam and moves on.

Back inside my room, I stare once again at the plug point that will not work. Stubbornly staring back at me with its three partially closed eyes. No crunt but still not useless. Built into the wall like an Electric Monument. No crunt. No life. But still going on.


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