Gods of the Mouse

Sometimes I wonder whether the Net has turned us all into gods. Of some sort. Or the other.

Or maybe just one: the ginormous, nosey, ubiquitous and hugely popular Ganesha. Or... The Auspicious One. The Starter. The Blesser. The Scribe. The Recorder. The Narrator. The Intoxicator.

I think we have all become Ganeshas. Navigating this pixelated, There-Yet-Not-Quite-There nano-cosmos. Of speed and virtuality. An avatar of Maya. Navigating this Mayaland on a plastic mouse. Slowly, as the Latin saying goes, making haste.

The mouse has also made us lazy. Sitters. Key-pushers. Scribes. Narrators. Gormandizers (love that word!). Fast foodists. Not movers and doers. Or used-to-be strugglers, hard-workers of the pre-comp era.

We're Ganeshas, appearing to friends and followers as different things.

In different avatars.

Email and Chat ID-iots, bloggers, vloggers, sploggers, websites hosts, bylines, pictures, voices and spammers. Different things. To different people.

But ultimately, gods of the mouse.


  1. It is rather mushak-il, to find such a good post in Blogistan. Very Mice!!

  2. Are we all so omniscient :)

    My mushik vahan groans from overuse.

  3. Pareshaan, hahaha thanks, makes me feel very mouse-proud!

    KM, have tried to lessen the ophthalmologist costs. Hope is better now...

    Mridula, thanks.

    Mikra, hey long time. I think the day is not far when a touchy feely screen is all that we'll need.

  4. Hhmm.. Wonder if it means we'll get to eat like Ganesha.... Yum.

  5. I rather like the idea of turning into Ganesha. I will book the best tummy in Mayaland.

  6. But just think, if not for this carrier of Ganesha, where would we be?

    And as km says, I too will send an invoice from my eye specialist.

    It is no better!


  7. Gautami, umm we've said that before... about electricity, about telephones, about TV, about airplanes etc and etc but the point is, we were doing just fine before these things came in. Which I think goes to show that human memory is selective and convenience-seeking and therefore mostly unreliable. Whaddyasay?

    Changed the colour now, hope to be spared by your eye doc :)

  8. We have said it before........and life was going on before all this came too.....but can you go back to living
    in the stone ages?

    Be practical, man....

    Easier said then done!

    I will still send that invoice...:)


    PS: I am not into fulsome praises!!

  9. I think we are being too harsh on the 'Stone Age' especially in our supreme presumption that they WERE worse off. How can we know that... for sure. I personally think we have lost a lot of our brain functions... the intuitional edge, for example the ability to read the ground, the sky and changes in water bodies. Our over-dependence on machines could ultimately be our nemesis... I'd recommended to you The Matrix and a theory called Singularity!

    Zonk, hello and welcome!!

  10. the colours dunt blind anymore..decent enuf..
    the post is fairly interesting.. and i really feel like banging my mouse against the wall.so i agree..slaves we all are

  11. Thanks for the recommendations but I don't buy it.

    As I see it, you are still clicking at the mouse....

    I cannot see you going back to that non-techie world...

    I think the man protests too much....

  12. hey i havent really been underground..jus recuperating from the chilly winter.plus academic existences take up a lot of time.whats been the latest with you?

  13. BODHI- thanks for the feedback - love it - love your work as well -it is so true - I love the sense of Indaras' Net in the virtual world= all connected= all plugged in = yet all alone - namaste y'all- JoDee


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