Life Shife

The city slept today.
The traffic was lazy.
The streets deserted.
Offices were shut.

It was the holiday after the holiday. The city was spent.

There were pictures. Sketches of the bombers. On TV. The sketches were computer-generated. They were vague, generic. Bandana-ed. It could be anyone.

But progress was made. The Blast Probe is going some where! A good sign.

Shahrukh Khan turned 40 today. Was there all over on TV. There was also a docu on his life.

We also watched the 'joint' funeral of two missing kids. A boy and a girl. Both around three or four.
Both torn to shreds in the blast. Unrecognisable from the debris! So bad, that a DNA test was required.

The parents wept silently, having decided on a 'joint' funeral. Both families were present in full strength. Participating in a rite of passage. The Farewell. Adios. Goodbye.

It was all done silently.

Silently the Sun sank into the horizon.

Another night!


  1. C'est la vie. The day after Diwali is always very desolate. Everyone is in recovery mode, I guess even more so this year.

  2. C'est la vie... love that phrase.

    Another night, Good night? Is that what you meant kd??


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