Good and Evil

I saw the inside of Ravana’s TEN heads this morning (a dream). They were setting him up for the BURNING, for a later event in the evening. For Dussehra. The inside was ‘wired’ with green jute bombs, designed to go off, one by one. At the touch of an ignited arrow. Like a trigger igniting a giant fidayeen.

Ravana was being readied for an explosion, in full public view, with various types of crackers and explosives. Readied for a BURNING EVENT. Readied to make smoke for public entertainment. A Genius was being readied for public entertainment.

A TEN-headed genius, to be burnt to DEATH. What a PITY! What a WASTE!
But it’s DONE. It’s carried out every year, year after year, at many different places. So all those readers and watchers of RAMAYANA can feel happy at the cessation of EVIL. An end to ALL Evil!

For ALL to say ‘How Cool’, ‘How Nice’. That Evil burneth. In HELL. As it is in HEAVEN. Amen. Feel happy that EVIL has been shown its place in the scheme of things. Has been PUT down. Extinguished for all SEASONS. For the NEXT season to come up again. As a NEW avatar. Of Evil. Born again to teach HUMANITY another lesson. Of GOOD overpowering EVIL. So Cool. So Nice.

The DREAM ends. Ends in violent BURNING. Crackling. Fire. And crackers. Phut… Boom… Aha… What JOY! What pleasure! That GOOD has overcome EVIL!


  1. Depends on how you look at it, 2 faces, same thing. Besides, Ravana himself was a multi-faceted character, and incarcerating him as just evil has always been an arguable point with me :) At the same time, the joy of dussehra as a kid, watching the fireworks explode, slightly scared yet so looking forward to oohs and aahs, priceless.

  2. Yes. Priceless. Was great fun to see Ravana explode as a kid. Down south he is still revered I think, India's a funny place. And awesome too.

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