Memories Turn Strawberry

BLLLURRRRRR: Most memories turn sepia with age but this one gone strawberry.
The t
ime's late seventies (that's me in the corner, that's me in the spot... light...);
the occasion is Pa's friend's marriag
Living in the US, Alec Uncle wanted a good 'homely' Indian bride,
so back he came to his roots and did what he had to do.

What I like about the picture is its 'fluidity' and the sense of people melting into light.
Third from the left (standing) is my Mom, whom time, exposure and bad storage have given a pair of Seraphim wings and a halo.


  1. Beautiful!

    .. you didnt start Losing your religion at that age did you? .. ;-)

    Poor Joke I guess.
    Have a great holiday dude..
    (mine's ruined beyond recognition)

  2. Lol, I guess I did start then... Thanks, and why is your's ruined? Is it bcoz of the great shifting?

  3. Time heals all wounds.... and it wounds all pictures, esp. color pictures from the 1970s :)


  4. Old family portraits!!!

    Are you the one on the lap? Clicking on the pic shows another grinning kid in "the corner".

    Did you strawberry-ise this on photoshop? (Never seen this shade of pink before).

  5. The great shifting is after six months.. but now, it is because I am not going home..see winter alone in delhi is not the best way to spend the holidays..But maybe it will become, I think waiting is a good idea to figure out.... :)

  6. This happens to a lot of early colour photographs. I read somewhere that due to technical flaws, early colour prints are actually less stable than B&W pics. Which is a pity. I love family photographs from the 1970s. My parents weren't big into taking pics, so looking at other people's family photos gives me a sense of the times.

  7. Yeah that must have been the case. BTW my folks too weren't that keen on picture taking, must be the spirit of the times!

  8. the picture is beautiful ..a sif you are all emerging into the light - it svery fluid - we have a lot of early colour pics of the early seventies that have turned a faint shade of mauve and magenta dont worry !!

  9. Elokeshi, there must be something bout that time that lends itself to various shades of purple and pink, don't you think?


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