Iron-mesh Shades

There used to be two windows. They were like two rectangular eyes staring into space. The eyes wore shades of green iron-mesh. Like magnet therapy goggles our neighbours wore to improve their vision.

Behind the shades were painted lids of wood-and-glass panes that folded at the hinges. The eyelids folded shut when blue raindrops thrashed against the house in diagonal lines.

When summer travelled light years to make life hell, the windows wore curtains. Green and envious. With parrot shapes printed on them

When winter crept in to chill bone and tissue, the windows were bare for sun rays to come in and make shapes on the floor.

Otherwise the windows remained open and staring.

There was a garden patch outside the windows. The plants that grew there tried not to crowd the view from the iron-mesh windows…


  1. reminds me of winter afternoons in Delhi, trying to study, and instead being mesmerised by the shapes. nice.

  2. Windows have the best life, they see things we dont get to..

    HAPPY NEW YEAR dost. Have a wonderful year ahead.

  3. Oops... looks like the NY eve hangover is still not totally gone... but you guys know what I meant :-D

  4. Umm... am inclined to agree with you, Scout, ;-)

  5. I like that you're not modest. I think modesty is a scam. Do you mind if I link you on my blog as Mr. LalaHand?

  6. Done.
    But there wouldn't be any point in me going through all that trouble with my template if you're not going to write any time soon.
    You're lazier than me... and that's not a good sign.


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