Anatomy of a Swooooooooon

Behind the EYES there is darkness.

The OPTIC nerves work in darkness. In darkness they transform light into darkness.

In darkness, the LIGHT of visual knowledge is ATOMISED into tiny drops of CHAOS. Tiny drops of COOL chaos!

The darkness, with all it cool secrets and deceptions, then tangoes to the brain. There it begins to spread. Like ink on blotting paper. The brain then begins to RELAX in the darkness. It begins to float in the juices of its own INERTIA. Begins to enjoy the shaded repose. Floating, like a stalled motorboat.

Feeding on the black mystery of no-sight.

Savouring the mystery of no-sight, the brain orders the eyes to SHUT.

The eyes shut and the mind blacks out. TOTALLY!!


  1. Funny, I didn't think you swooned. Take charge and make people swoon yes...

    But I guess Darkness has an irresistable allure. ;)

  2. sounds more like my first experience with weed than swooning.
    But I generally don't swoon. I just sign and move on. Hmm.

  3. oh, I meant sigh... but sign works just fine, don't you think? :P

  4. I've never really swooned either; so, I wouldn't know. But if it's anything like the way you describe it, it must be a nice experience. ~;-D

  5. Isnt sleep "death in homoeopathic doses" ? Sounds like the kind of sleep u have when u have a fever etc.

  6. umm a bit similar but the thing bout a dosage is that it is progressively undoing/healing something (a disease etc). Deep sleep is like death simulated in a lab and it's the same every time, no?

  7. I don't know that I've ever floated in the juices of my own inertia sounds scary- loved the poem thanks

  8. Scary in contemplation but actually very, very pleasurable, Sue!!!

  9. Thought I might return the compliment

    The Feral Child

    Sisku found men
    Scratching a trapper's bin
    Steaming like a fresh kill
    Breathing ice hostile fevered
    Eyes burning
    She rocked for a year defiled
    Drilling a hole
    In the grey walled institute.

    Buried in the cool folded tunnel
    of her arms
    A ghost made delicate
    With flesh shivering
    Rabbit pulled her feet
    Through spiked grasses
    Tasting dull shadows
    That stained the wind
    Whipping at wild things
    Round the choked bulb.

    Numbness clawed at bleached cheeks
    Flat against the doors greedy air
    Till it gaped like an eye flapping
    Tearing at the grey skins

    Who listened?
    Only hovering dark whispered
    With a dry voice.

    Pale echoes stirred the iron cold mountains
    Melting with the shadows
    She wore the dark
    Water woods sighed
    swallowing the wind
    Her chiselled flesh gripped the bowl of a lake
    Bursting the moon
    And scattering stars.

    Floating on softly
    Through black emptiness

    Washing her dreams
    In the water locked skies
    By the limbs of lulling water
    She stared out
    Beyond the empty world
    White hair flowering
    In the broken moon.

  10. Only darkness
    There the darkness is
    I wonder if when the neurons in the brain fire, there is a little electrical light, or is it still, and always dark?

  11. Wow, fevered and psychedelic, Sue... mucho thanks!!

    Hmm interesting observation Echo... I think the neurons do make some kind of diffused light but I wud think the darkness would still be all enveloping.

  12. Where did you find it? Interesting read »


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