A Tazh Mahaal Sort Of Feeling

It’s a Tazh Mahaal sort of feeling
of sending postcards home
of haggling for articles of faith
of dancing in Amazonian rain forests
of trickling down from
user-friendly rock faces
somewhere in the Andes
of living with winged low-life
in some equatorial landmass, somewhere
of emailing memories
through Dell and Apple notebooks
concealed from hungry native eyes
in sturdy Swiss-made backpacks.

It’s a Tazh Mahaal sort of feeling
that comes from surfing
the information highway
of mouse-mounted windows
of easy, downloadable wisdom
and high resolution porn
of hits and eyeballs
of a smart, impersonal type face
somewhere in the centre of nowhere
somewhere between the longitudes
of freedom and free-trade
coloured dollar green and white
and entered through
a plastic keypad.

It's a Tazh Mahaal sort of feeling
of mapping the world
on glossy travel books.
A feeling of marble strength
and stamina for bus-rides
and cashing travellers checks,
making pictures and awesome
observations about what a
colossal bore this life
would have been
without this feeling.


  1. do i need to tell you that i'm very much part of ur fan club?


    the Taj Mahal sort of feeling.

  2. Thanks methinks (grins ear to ear) you are molto generous!!

    Scout, you're 'tremely gud with the Taj Mahal sort of feeling'...

  3. I love this, even though it has a bitter taste, it evokes such strong immages

  4. :D u make like tough for us..how many times will u make us say "wonderful?"

  5. slightly off your rockers maybe BUT bang on tha nail with this lovely piece.

  6. Sue, thanks Poemcat! It's a prized compliment coming from you.

    Nimbu, your Hibiscus friends, where are they? Would definitely like to meet them.

    KD, thanks, keep reading and writing, you have a great blog!

    CJ, thanks. It's all thanks to blogistan that one meets awesome people like you.

  7. hmm.....just ahppened to stuble on to your blog today and I must thank you, coz I had a wonderful read....enjoyed it tremendously :o)
    keep it up!!

  8. Good you Wandered in Wanderer! And thanks!

  9. hey Finnegan thanks. It is indeed a small world... and we all have our Taj Mahal moments. Am simply blown away!!

  10. come back to this for a third time and felt i just had to leave another comment.
    this is not only s great poem but it would also sound cool with some music!!!

  11. i feel u distilled all the observations of a sojourner and conveyed it in words beautifully."Haggling over matters of faith" was a masterpiece

  12. Hey thanks and welcome jedi. Bodhishop is also a distillery, where we get drunk, sometimes.


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