Slowly, the first
petals yawned
and stretched...
Like fingers
inside a fist.

The petals stretched
some more
as the first sting
of dawn touched
their tender tips.

Then wetness
entered their soul
in drops too
small to be seen.
Or heard.
The wetness tongued
their insides
and sucked at
their innermost parts.

Together the warmth
and the wetness
rubbed their unseen
rut onto the petals.
Their yawn widened
and stretched
until it became
a soft and muffled moan.

The first row of petals
grew bigger as they
yawned and stretched
and thrashed about wildly
pushing the second row
then the third and
the fourth and the fifth
behind them.
The frenzy spread like falling,
slow-motion dominos.

It all happened slowly.
Somewhat like destiny.

And then the flower moaned
and shivered as it felt
a deep 'rising' inside it.
Slowly, in rhythmic pulses,
the rising kept
rising and rising
and rising and rising
and rising
up the flower's stalk
through its middle
to the tips of its petals
rising and rising
till the flower came
out all grown-up and smiling.


  1. WOW! Erotic, man! Loved the style, the metaphor!

  2. Easily one of your best on this space. I haven't the eloquence to justify its beauty...all i'd say is "charmant"!! :)

  3. jesus christ, get hold of a publisher as fast as you can, and I'll be first in the row to get an autographed copy. :P

  4. Hmmm... let's just say I surprised myself as well. Thanks river, lemony and scout.

  5. I guess people have already said what i had wanted to. I think this is ur best post till now. beautiful.

  6. speechless... love the way the tempo builds up, awesome style to go along with it

  7. interesting! i love the way each line / thought dissoves into the next. beautiful!

  8. Last night a friend read out Flower Power to us to the sound of some African percussion (on CD). The mood (her included) was electric...
    If I may say so myself.
    And thanks all you awesome people!!

  9. from whichever perspective you put onto it isn't nature just incredible. be it flower or erection or the subtle scented lips of the girl you love.
    lovely words mahar

  10. wow. anything i say will sound trite after all the above. but you do write so beautiully.

  11. Well said CJ, thanks and Shoe Fiend you too.

  12. Our flowers tend to shiver in the cold a bit like us, all those cold showers I expect

  13. I like the comparison Sue, something like a cold shower for the soul brrrrr!!

    Nimbu... umm... I am stumped... what can I say, cept... yes ofcourse.

  14. Yes, I suppose it's not everyday you receive proposals from women (girls? but women sounds so much more legal, yes?) halfway across the world.

    That poem was beautiful. You have beautiful words.

  15. Yummy!!! Nimbu that's not so sweet and sour :-)

  16. MEANT: NOT not so sweet and sour :-) meaning SO sweet n sour!

  17. Me nombre es Nafiza.

    Am I impressing you with my linguistic skills? *winks unabashedly*

    Do we get a sequel? I'm not on crack, just chocolate.


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