Criss-Cross Roads

It's been a year since I started blogging (here's proof!!). Bodhihop, unlike Rome, was built in a day. On an impulse, after reading blogs of friends and acquaintances. When I started, I didn't even know what a 'blog' meant but I went ahead nonetheless.

This year as a blogger has been fun. And eventful. Have attended several Bloggers Meets. Met bloggers of various persuasions and views, some of whom turned out to be celebrities of this underground and anonymous world. Also realised many things in this my first blogger year. And topping that list of realisations is the fact that blogging's about energy. The more you spend on exploring your mind and sharing its contents with people, the more you are likely to attract, by ways of eyeballs and comments. A certain honesty and candidness is, of course, a prerequisite. As is the ability to make connections: both in how you write and with those for whom you write.

Offline too, a lot's happened in this year. Decisions have been made. Choices, pared down to only the most exciting. And this month has been unusually 'electric' in that sense. My love life has placed me in a zone of depth and meaning, which is good. I celebrated my new birthday on 666, mostly by sleeping and yawning heavily when not. And also by waking up at around 11 pm to a world that seemed to be on mute. Six days before that, I submitted my sixth resignation letter, without knowing what I'd be doing next. What's more, my dismal bank records have entitled me to a loan of Rs 1.5 lakh (haha). This last one, however, has pushed me into the arms of a fresh dilemma. But that's another story.

Thanks to all these sudden changes my worried friends have begun suggesting alternative careers. These include: travelling (bet you didn't know that could be a career), writing a book, selling insurance, making an experimental film (yeah, the 'experimental' is important), becoming a travel guide, drug-peddling, gigolo-ing, driving a taxi, becoming a motivational speaker or a sex guru, selling Amway products and last but not the least important, taking sannyas. These options, as anyone facing so many would know, have thrown me into further confusion, which is not so bad as it could also be a career option. I could become a confusionary or something like that: giving very confusing advice to people willing to pay.


  1. Congratulations Maharaj,
    wish you all the best.

  2. Good for you! i think all the above career ops are immensely doable!! take that bank loan and then take sanyaas. Here's to many more years of happy blogging.

  3. Good for you! i think all the above career ops are immensely doable!! take that bank loan and then take sanyaas. Here's to many more years of happy blogging.

  4. Hey Dhiraj,
    That's one of the best career-options-lists that I've seen in a while. I vote for:
    -writing a book
    (yeah, in that order)

    Congratulations! ~:-D

    PS: Wonderful new look too and great header.

  5. hey. travel. we will get so many more stories to hear from you then!!

    love and luck, always, coz change comes to us all.

  6. Mucho thanks people: Pareshan, Bloggerhead, River, Methinks :D
    Blogistan wouldn't be half as fun without each one of you!
    My immediate plan is to do nothing... at least for a month, then... inshallah...

  7. travel, write a book, n make a film. uv lived life on ur terms- cheers to that n 4 the future as well.

  8. The crossroads are lovely, dark and deep :) I hope you turn right. And left.

    Oh, and thank you for giving us O.P. Baba, the Fourth Friend, the Circus Girl and those spooky monuments.

  9. Thanks for the faith Bunu!

    U'r welcome KM, thanks for reading.

  10. Another turning point..

    a fork stuck in the road
    time grabs u by the wrist
    directs u where to go

    so make the best of this test and dont ask why
    its not a question but a lesson learnt in time...

    Its something unpredictable
    but in the end is right
    I hope u had the time of ur life


  11. uncle u must check out my comments section for hitler's democracy- sumbody i dunno has left a reply to ur coment.
    n for this one month that ur not doin nething i have an advice- try doin some maths. u never know!

  12. I did, I did... Chandni and thanks for your words. BTW I am a real sucker for unpredictability... so on that count I'll be fine :)

    Yeah saw it, it's old wine... Maths? Now that's a new one... but isn't that like going where failure is assured?

  13. happy anniversary
    yup heard bout ur quiting...
    but im not going to suggest u anything , im sure that you will find a way to further ruin yourself, why should i take the blame ???

  14. Your faith is my capacity for self-ruination is heartening, thanks mate :D

  15. Anyone who knows the Maharaj can testify that all of those career options are SERIOUS options for the Maharaj, the nut that he is, and that he's not bluffing!

  16. I'm really curious about the tattoo someone elured to.

  17. aka... you know me well...

    M, it's on the neck... will show u sometime :)

  18. You show me yours, and I'll show you mine.

  19. Happy Anniversary and a (belated) Happy Birthday Maharaja

  20. oh ya, wish you all the luck in your future eandeavours :-)

  21. Thanks Kandykane. The future's getting better with all the good wishes I'm gettin here :)

  22. Having just read your first post, it's interesting to look at this post and that as bookends.

  23. It's funny how it just worked out to be like that!

  24. Going by the pix....gigolo-dom should be ur calling
    - Confessions of a lifelong client

  25. Cool, I just might take you up on that ;)

  26. GIGOLO-DOM (going by the pix I assure you a lifelong supply of clients)


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