that reality is essentially a metaphor...
for dreams... And that dreams are the 'original'
form open to subtle manipulations
from a higher consciousness.

Much like genetic engineering
changes the ARE-ness of beings
by manipulating DNA
dreams too change reality
by opening up possibilities.

The men or women who understand this fact
also understand the ways of reality.


  1. methinks@gmail.comJune 10, 2006 at 7:52 PM

    higher consciousness? what have you been reading? and i actually want to know.. wherefrom these terms!

  2. Been reading 'bodhishop' :)

    The bit about reality being essentially a metaphor... is the essence of what I write about here. It's also the fire raging behind a LOT of my compulsions and obsessions.

  3. hey
    i like the reality metaphor, though honestly, i think its a tad overextended. It's cliche to say it but dream and reality---it's a mirror-has-two-faces kind of moment. Do the twain ever meet?

  4. yo bodhi, dreams are what keep us alive no? If it weren't for my hopeless balancing scales, i would have let Zzzzzzz take over Reality and left it at Zzzzzity. That leaves us with just enough reality to realise our dreams and use constructive time to dream some more.
    Sigh, but Zzzzzreality is good for some 'worldly' sanity :) And knowing you, MaharajDhi, i'm glad it's the same balance for you too....heheheh!!! And it's nice to know that you too know that subconsciousness is indeed higher consciousness!

  5. Bloggerhead, the two don't meet... coz they're in a continuum.

    Spot on, Lemony, except I'd much rather DREAMISE my realities than realise my dreams

  6. Dreams are the product of thoughtfulness and mindfulness. Thus in all things they are earnestly bold. They are the result of how one thinks, thus founded on our thoughts. There is no metaphysical power which shapes dreams. Living in a world of relatives (by virtue of which absolute exists), one is not in a position to link with that higher consciousness. A beggar dreams of a palatial bungalow at night. Bill Gates on the contrary dreams of a peaceful vacation in a secluded country. So you see, it is very simple. Dreams are a manifestation of our desires, fears, aspirations. They draw their subjects from the world around us.
    They are, by and large, genuine, raw, innate instincts which fail to find expression in a cultured atmosphere.
    However there certainly is a principal intelligence underlying all material phenomenon in the world .One has to ascend step by step towards it. Its not a hotline, lifeline, loveline – whatever one may call it – dreams.
    But of course… they are powerful. They are powerful enough to alter reality. Dreams do come true. Without that possibility, nature would not have incited them.
    A line from the song I used to sing when the three of us used to sit on the terrace ( you me and daddy) –
    yeh dunia he jannat thi
    Yeh dunia he jannat hai
    The sooner we realize this, the better.

  7. The mention of that song left me with another thought: that the past is also a dream. And by that logic so is the future... which leaves only the present. But then even the present is the past especially in a nano-second sense. So when is NOW?

  8. "A beggar dreams of a palatial bungalow at night. Bill Gates on the contrary dreams of a peaceful vacation in a secluded country. So you see, it is very simple."

    thank you bunu woman, that line had this orgasmic rapture of sorts, it shook me up, there was bright shining light outside my window, and i knew..this was it...the moment of truth...you represent a large majority of rang de basanti watching reservation iconoclasts who are set to change the world, the revolution will be revived, dreams will be realised, join us comrades, our burger gorging cola guzzling weekend movie watching gurgaon mall herding generation is here...*takes a bow*

    "They are, by and large, genuine, raw, innate instincts which fail to find expression in a cultured atmosphere." - total orgasmic rapture.

    dhiraj have you seen 'abre los ojos' by any chance? the spanish original of vanilla sky?
    and i can see why you are 'bodhishop', postponing nirvana while you help the lesser mortals with blog sermons and pinnochio fables eh mate? and you look a lot like buddha, i'd say buddha meets serial rapist and makes it look good. :p

  9. man you gotta see 'naked' that mike leigh film, i quote...

    "The present's fine. The present's perfect.The present's peachy fucking creamy.
    The only thing wrong with the present is the bastard doesn't exist...
    because the present is the future,and the future is the past...
    and it's all the same fucking bag of bones anyway."

    search for the word 'past' and read on...

    its 3am and conciousness calls, i need to plug myself into the womb, fall into my bedroom wormhole and swim in the primordial soup.

  10. Am glad u noticed my attempts are delaying my nirvana. Guess it wudn't be half as much fun getting it all by myself. As for the Buddha-serial rapist look, am truly stumped... and wondering what makes you such an authority on the look ;)

    The 'Naked' quote pretty much sums up what said earlier. Wonder why people even try living in the present.

    Hope ur return to the womb was fun and restful... which makes me wonder (yet again) if u'd ever grow up...

  11. madhur man... glad that wot i wrote is worth giving orgasmic rapture to someone.. cola burgers n rang de basanti have little to do with thinking- its a beautiful amalgamation if u can juggle with all that in one go.
    dhiraj's doin a gud job and lesser mortals like us(u n me)do need to stall here n reflect r dim intellect.
    im on the threshold of my life (literally) n a streak or two of over optimism never did ne harm to neone.. or so i think.
    an advice if u care to take it from a cola guzzling generation girl - try some serious soul searching. wont harm u.

  12. "A beggar dreams of a palatial bungalow at night. Bill Gates on the contrary dreams of a peaceful vacation in a secluded country. So you see, it is very simple."

    well eating burgers has a lot to do with thinking, and it shows, since you dont appreciate sarcasm, ill sermon. you have used the word 'dream' in a context quite contrary to dhirajs, you are speaking in more 'real objective world' aspirations, not a dream, a dream in materialist or physical terms would be explained as a homeostatic function of the brain to deal with 'real world' phenomena, leading to a state of equilibrium.

    have you spoken to a beggar? what he aspires for? well he doesnt need your fucking palatial bungalow, he hasnt the time or energy to think beyond his next meal or even better his 'fix', bill gates doesnt dream of a peaceful vacation in a secluded country, he dreams of more money, more power, more gadgets, more remote controls to move every frickin object in his house, he dreams of making a computer which will help you with your morning motions and wipe your arse when you are done, its technology, its the rhetoric of progress, we are going to the future, are you equipped?

    i am a neo-luddite, but i know my way around the internet, because i think it could be our redemption, its almost like a dream itself and a dream is metaphysical, so is orgasm, and drugs, and love, but you are too busy getting your 'degree' and 'career', and your no reservation rhetoric, i want my money, my big black car, pointing fingers at the govt, its your institution, you built it, you were born in a family, then you go to school/college, then your office, and you live by all the rules laid down by it, and all you do is complain, and sit with your paper work at the end of every month, adding up figures, wondering if it all somehow 'adds up' into your life.
    there is no other threshold in life you'll reach.

    so you are 17, but thats no alibi, its not so simple, and dont even dare to include me in your lesser mortal club just because you are feeling lonely. :p

  13. This is so fucking awesome... (laughs an evil laugh and slaps his thigh)...
    C'mon Bunu show the guy what u'r made of...

    And as for u Mad-hur, you have some explaining to do... how daffuk did you know what I meant....

    U have no right to be so right...

  14. Nice.

    I love the concept of "reality" being used as a metaphor..

    dream on!

  15. man... u drip frustration.
    hehe. twas fun reading ur tired, miopic argument replete with semi-porn lingo. oh yeah.. u belong to this generation as well.
    firstly, don speak for me coz u aint in a capacity to...
    secondly, im under no obligation to please u with what i write ... hope im clear on that front???
    also.. sticking to dhirajs interpretation is no binding condition since he isnt the oracle...each to his own space.. SPACE ...heard of it ???? well its the liberty u give an individual to be the way he is...like in ur case... ur dam cynical n greasy yet i respect ur cynicism. uve taken so long to be this way. right???
    want ur claim to fame ??? write ur own blog. don mess around in others unless u have sumthing substantial to say.
    now go tug in the womb or better still ask mamma to give u a punch in the face. naughty boys need it.
    n my parting words to u- push off.

  16. I do too Chandni :D

    This is surreal...

  17. If all reality is a computation from possibilities, then "reality" is a threshold value

  18. hey hey hey.. I havent been reading blogs for the past one monetha nd look what has changed!! Great Great blog header man, the coolest I have seen on a blog yet. really..

  19. Bunu, as much as you hate defecating on someone else's blog, you still seem quite intent on bill gates wiping your arse clean, figuratively speaking ofcourse, so well...all the best for the 'future', for your merit degree, your gold medal, your graduation ceremony, your middle class bourgeoise dreams, your officle cubicle and photos of loved ones, your ID with a barcode, your monday morning time stamp, the coffee machine, shagless days on end, your husband, the crooked sex, late night television shows, cellulite, kids, Rs.1000 elementary books which go A for Apple, fees, videogames, pills, pills which check the effect of first set of pills, more pills, insurance, 'holidays' with kids, 3 nights 4 days kulu-manali, mcdonalds, food trays at mcdonalds with win bonanza prize paper inlays, buy burgers for 99 bucks, and you can win a free trip to bangkok, or colour tv, ipod. ok its beginning to sound like a cheap version of trainspotting, umm... ok obligatory self deprecating end..and..im not your naughty boy, dont get cute on me.

    dhiraj, i know because i was koanized ;)
    Two monks were watching a flag flapping in the wind. One said to the other, "The flag is moving." The other replied, "The wind is moving." Huineng overheard this. He said, "Not the flag, not the wind; mind is moving." (source: wikipedia)

  20. I believe dreams show us reality thru its wide and varied spectrum, leaving us a bit baffled and perhaps asking that stupid and eternal question: 'Is that possible?'

    I wouldn't say reality is a threshold value, but yes it can be best understood from a perspective of 'in-between-ness' or liminality :)

    Hey KD thanks. Long time. Great to have you back in blogistan!

  21. Now that's a good rant! But what've the poor 'middle class bourgeoise' done to deserve this, pal?

    Surely the self-deprecating, koanised, mind-mover could have done better :)

  22. HAPPY BLOG DAY!! reality is definately a metaphore

  23. To you too Sue! Cool am glad u think so, fellow poet!

  24. Seems to me, Bunu, someone needs to smack you on the the back of the head. Thwack! but that might just be my middle class Redneck upbringing speaking.

  25. I anyone tries to understand this then my reality will be a reproach....cheers to my dreams

  26. if we can dream and not make 'em our masters...
    reality is non existent as measures of time can hardly be determined.
    the transcending of the mind impulses into reality is what is life all about.. and subtle variations in our sub conscious are also manipulations based on what is happening around us.. so the driver is still the tangible world around while the dreams are like the carriers that facilitate pollination, germination of life and its forms.

  27. Excellent, love it! »


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