Sixed Up

Tags are a pain. But when they come through people you dig, you're left with little choice.
This one comes to me through
Methinks and Scout.

So here goes my SIX WEIRD-FACT list:

* I was a pyromaniac kid. There were real fears that if I was left home-alone with a matchbox there would be no home to speak of.

* The first time I appeared on stage was as a tree. It was a non-speaking role. But I thought I'd become a celebrity at school. Of course no one remembered the tree.

* My older sis and bro told me I was adopted and I believed them. I also believed them when they told me I was a baby croc when they got me. And I was grateful for all the work they'd done to make me look human.

* I didn't know what FUCK meant till class ten.

* I had a pair of white mice that ate their own kids. Also had a parrot that opened its cage and walked out to freedom.

* I have passed out mid-flight after wanting to go out of the plane for some fresh air.

Am not passing this on, but please consider yourself tagged if this interests you :)


  1. I am with u on being told by siblings that I was adopted...

    they told me they had found me in a garbage can and since my parents felt pity, they brought me home....and they insisted that since I am fairer than proves I am not of the same family!!!!

    I was also goaded in to fighting with my parents as I wasnt present in their wedding album...telling me they had left me home!!


  2. i'm still a pyromaniac! and i'm still a kid (atleast inmy head!) :D

  3. The things one has to go thru at the hands of older sibs!! But the upside is cooler innit, Chandni?

    Blow, I guess in my heart I still remain one... a lot more sophisticated though ;)

  4. YO, that's pretty tame, i expected it to be wierder....

  5. its the same as chandni's/// probably we've all been told we'r adopted when smal. my sis picked me up from the hospital when ma n pa took to her to choose a baby. so i owe that huge one to her. another mortal threat was that ma wud throw me in the garbage dump n the cow wud at me ... mistaking (?) me 4 garbage..
    i too didnt know what **** meant till class eight. as for being a kid, uve got to keep that part in u alive... nowadays its to be done with efort.
    sweet post. n belated happy birthday

  6. Awshucks and I thought I was being the weirdest... will do better next time Lemony.

    Wow, u'r not doing so badly, Bunu ;)

  7. Heh heh, doesn't matter if I'm interested. I think I'll give myself a break and consider myself NOT tagged this time. Very nice of you to give us that option :D

  8. On second thoughts... I wud like hear bout the weirdnesses of a dead chemist... so consider u'r tagged :D

  9. So this 'adopted' story is indeed mass priceless childhood memories include shaving-cream-on-my-face equals a-real-beard and swallowing-orange-seeds equals a plant growing inside my body (my bro provided visual evidence promptly - a diagram of the nervous system Pg:17 class 7 th Biology book)

    Btw....for a long time F-U-C-K equalled "what they do everyday in Bold and Beautiful"
    I would have known better IF ONLY I KNEW what the fuck they did!!! (again the class 7th Bio book was enlightening as ever)

  10. Crazy word that, innit? And don't we all love to use it ;)


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